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Welcome Truth and liberty belong together

We aim to:

  • make road travel faster, safer, cheaper and more flexible
  • end rip-off excessive regulation and policing of road users
  • reverse the erosion of our civil rights and freedoms
  • provide accurate, relevant, and authenticated information
  • refute misleading slogans and other misrepresentations
  • expose vested interests supporting bad road safety policies

New Zealand traffic management has been controlled by our one-eyed Land Transport Safety Authority – claiming to be focused solely on safety but in practice captured by the police and other suppliers of enforcement services and equipment.

The LTSA celebrated lowering average speeds and removing flexibility by making all traffic travel at the same speed - usually at the lowest common denominator. It continually increased costs for travelers both indirectly through time-wasting and directly through charges and fines.  In December 2004 LTSA was abolished and replaced by policy making in the MOT and operational functions in LTNZ.  We want the policy mindset broadened.  We want to see hear an end to simplistic lies such as "speed kills".  Speed doesn't kill, of course, or we would all be dead and we wouldn't have motorways.

Major milestones in transport progress:

  • horse and cart
  • stage coach
  • steam engine
  • petrol engine
  • aeroplane
  • jet engine
  • rocket ship

Because time is money, our need for greater speed and efficiency always drives progress.  Then we find how to make the new technology safer than the old.

Bureaucracies don't care about costs, value, efficiency or freedoms. They seek control and power. They cause stagnation and stifle productive innovation.

So our war-cry is Fast And Safe – nothing less is acceptable for human progress.


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If you find any factual errors on our pages or have useful relevant information, please tell us.

Special Note:  Unfortunately, much of what the Police and LTSA currently tell the public is simply false.  This website debunks those falsehoods and we maintain a rigorous respect for the truth and for open debate.  Therefore we undertake to publish on this website any relevant criticisms the Police or LTSA care to send us, along with our responses.  Conversely, readers can presume that where no challenges from those government agencies are published here, none have been received.

Warning to bureaucrats: Constructive information and dialogue are welcome but misleading propaganda is not tolerated here.  It will be exposed, dissected, refuted and ridiculed as appropriate.

This website is under active development - Please check regularly on our progress