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Facts & Myths Opinions are free but facts are sacred
Facts About Speed LTSA & Police Myths
Higher speed limits reduced crash rates and injuries without increasing fatalities. Click here for details Speed Kills!
Reducing average speeds has not reduced fatality rates and fatality rates have fallen when average speeds have not. Click here for details Lower average open road speeds result in fewer fatalities
The kinetic energy of cars is insignificant compared with heavy vehicles. Click here for details Exceeding the speed limit generates dangerous levels of kinetic energy!
Trucks travelling at the new open road speed limit of 90 kph will be almost impossible to pass legally. Click here for details A 90 kph speed limit for heavy trucks and 100 kph for other traffic is practicable.
It is safer to overtake quickly and shorten the dangerous time on the wrong side of the road. Click here for details It is dangerous to exceed 100 kph while overtaking!
Statistics with no context are completely meaningless. Click here for details You are four times more likely to have an accident if you travelling at 140 kph than at 100 kph!
A car travelling at 65 kph takes 5 metres further to stop than one travelling at 60 kph. Click here for details If you drive at 5 kph over the speed limit you are a major danger!
Facts About Risk LTSA & Police Myths
Australian traffic researchers assumed far too much, proved nothing significant or unexpected, yet their extravagant claims led to draconian laws and enforcement policies. Click here for details Each 5 km/h increase in speed doubles the risk of a casualty crash!
Less than one of every hundred New Zealanders alive today will die in a road crash. Click here for details Road crashes are a leading cause of premature death!
Young drivers (esp. male) and old drivers have by far the worst road fatality rates. Click here for details Middle age drivers resist road safety messages and have high fatality rates!
Men drive more and have fewer injury crashes but more fatalities per km. Women’s fatality rates are increasing. Click here for details Women are safer drivers than men!
Only a small number of crashes involve cell-phone use and there is no adequate statistical information to determine whether they pose any additional risk at all. Click here for details Hand-held cell phones are a major cause of accidents and should be banned!
Facts About Enforcement Policies LTSA & Police Myths
High visibility/rigid enforcement policies introduced in Dec 2000 resulted in 10,000 ADDITIONAL injuries in three years, has not reduced fatalities and continues to cause 4,500 unnecessary injuries every year. Click here for details Rigid enforcement of speed limits has reduced the road toll!
ACC claim data confirms that traffic injuries have trended up sharply since the Highway Patrol and rigid enforcement of speed limits were introduced in Dec 2000..  Click here for details Injuries are decreasing but police are reporting more of them!
The road toll is falling in all developed countries irrespective of enforcement policies.  Click here for details The road toll must come down!
Frontline general police are forced to meet traffic ticket quotas.  Click here for details Traffic policing is directed only at bad driving!
The 1997-2000 New Zealand Midland police district hidden speed camera trial did not reduce crashes or fatalities. Click here for details The hidden speed camera trial reduced crashes and fatalities!
LTSA road safety policies have repeatedly been reviewed only by the original advocates for those policies - the State of Victoria police and State of Victoria Monash University Accident Research Centre.  Click here for details LTSA Policy Decisions are Verified by Independent Academic Reviewers!