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Fact LTSA & Police Myth
It is safer to overtake quickly and shorten the dangerous time on the wrong side of the road.    It is dangerous to exceed 100 kph while overtaking.

A car passing a heavy truck and trailer travelling at 90 kph will require over 2 kilometres of clear road ahead if the car observes the rigidly enforced 100 kph limit and the 2 second separation rule before overtaking. See calculation...  The impact will be that drivers either break the law or effectively the open road speed limit will be reduced to 90 kph.  The overtaking car has also to cope with the possibility that the truck will accelerate during the overtaking process. 

If the overtaking car accelerates to 120 kph during the manoeuvre, the time to pass reduces from 34 seconds to 11.4 seconds and the clear distance required reduces from 2075 metres to 836 metres.  The time for something unexpected to happen is reduced by a factor of three.

The LTSA and Police position that the speed limit must always be obeyed while overtaking is both ridiculous and irresponsible.